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Köln und Klais und Kuhn

Köln und Klais und Kuhn

Köln und Klais und Kuhn!
an Epiphany message for organists

Newcastle and District Society of Organists
invites advanced level Organists of all ages (grade 8+)…
and keen Observers
for inspiration and relaxation in Cologne and Bonn

Monday 24 to Friday 28 August 2020 – Postponed until 2021

Cologne Cathedral – it’s vast Gothic footprint dating back to 1248 – was intended as the reliquary for the mortal remains of The Three Kings. We too bring you Three K’s!

Epiphany seems then a great time to spread the word about our August visit to Köln, an attractive, cosmopolitan modern destination.

The awe-inspiring Cathedral sports two seriously-sensational organs made by Klais Orgelbau – premier-league organ builders who have crafted organs with attitude since 1882.
Hands-on for tuition at both consoles – oh yes! – we’ll be guests of Cathedral Organist Winfried Bönig and Orgelbaumeister Philipp Klais.

Play too the dazzling new Kuhn organ at St Kuniberg, and refresh your baroque playing on historic instruments.

Johannes Geffert (Cologne Hochschule) joins the tutorial team
whilst genial and experienced players in the organ world James Parsons and William Saunders host the show.

Our organ-culture course promises to be a revelation experience.

Download the following course brochure and sign-up – you’ll love it!

Click here – Köln und Klais und Kuhn

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