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Hymn Practice (Congo)

Hymn Practice (Congo)

During the UK COVID-19 pandemic lockdown over 300 Facebook followers joined William every Saturday morning for “Congo Hymn Practice”.

William led the sessions from his very own home music studio on Facebook Live.

The final broadcast was held on Saturday 20th June, although it is rumoured that he will be back with a Christmas Special Congo live from St Edmundsbury Cathedral…

The hymn sheet for the final CONGO can be downloaded here Saturday 20th Hymn Practice

Below are few comments from some satisfied singers…

You have been such a star ⭐️ throughout the last 13+weeks keeping us all motivated by your fabulous organ playing every day. The one thing you have been able to rely on in this pandemic is your glorious music 🎵 THANK YOU VERY MUCH and thanks to your family for putting up with the music as well!

Jane, UK

We will miss this. My grand dad watches it with us here from USA. Well done!

Timothy, USA

Thank you William, I have really enjoyed Congo and will really miss it.

Pauline, UK

Your posts have been a source of much comfort and inspiration during this lockdown period. I have particularly enjoyed your arrangements in the last verses. Thank you so much.

Gareth, UK

Bravo, William – such initiative and hard work!

James, UK

  1. Hymn Practice request from Sue Robinson Bury St Edmunds:

    How about a good Methodist Hymn? And can it be that I should gain
    Charles Wesley
    Tune: Sagina

  2. Thank you William for your CONGO sessions on Saturday mornings! I love singing hymns and I stand in as an emergency organist at my church where normally I sing in the choir. It’s taking a while to gain confidence playing. It fascinates me watching others play so I’ve taken note of things such as your posture and where you breathe and the registrations you select.
    I would very much like to hear Thine Arm O Lord In Days Of Old. I have recently written a descant to it but it will be some time before the choir I sing with will try it out. I like the lyrics to the hymn and its movement from major to minor and the return to the major key.
    Many thanks for your huge contribution in inspiring singers and organists.
    Kate Sullivan

    • Thanks for your email, Kate. I will include your suggestion next week. I’ll have to find the hymn first however!

  3. It is in the New English Hymnal.

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