William Saunders – Concert OrganistWilliam Saunders – Concert OrganistWilliam Saunders – Concert OrganistWilliam Saunders – Concert Organist

Educational Consultant

Educational Consultant


William Saunders is a rare talent: a virtuoso musician who is also an outstanding educator. A very successful Director of Music, William has a superb understanding of how schools work. He used his knowledge and experience to help us identify the best candidates for two new posts in the Stowe Music Department. His notes and feedback on each candidate are a model of their kind – I certainly learned a lot from reading William’s detailed observations!

Dr Anthony Wallersteiner, Headmaster Stowe School

Having had 15 years of experience working in independent schools, latterly as Director of Music at a large boarding school for the past seven years, I am happy to offer my experience if you require the additional help of an external advisor.

“Thank you for your assistance in appointing our next Director of Music.  The necessary skillset for the role is so wide that it is difficult to assess candidates fairly without the involvement of someone who has done the job before. Your expertise was invaluable and I (and the candidates) appreciated your tactful yet thorough approach”.

Robert Teague, Headmaster The Cedars School Croydon

Time is precious so I have highlighted some of my skills below which might be of help to you when appointing a new member of music staff, considering the long term development of your music department or setting your sights on being the best school for music in your locality.

Additionally I am experienced in the following –

If I can be of help to your establishment please do get in contact via the contact page

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